Kenya Politics: Time to Act is Now

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Kenya Politics: Time to Act is Now

Post by quteda » Wed Jun 19, 2019 3:31 am

A few months ago, I read a newspaper article that said that some MPs were talking about Government of Kenya (GoK), and then burst out laughing (by GoK, I mean the executive arm of the government).

I didn’t think much about that story, but recent events in Kenya have convinced me that it is very likely that the story was true. In other words, there are MPs who hold GoK in total contempt.

Just think about that for a minute.

During the first multiparty election in Kenya in 1992 (after Kenya had been a one party state for more than 20 years), President Daniel arap Moi obtained only 36.4% of the vote (many people believed his real vote was much less than that).

However, even after the election showing Moi to be so unpopular, no politician ever held him in contempt. Some politicians liked him. Many politicians hated him. But none would have laughed at him.

When politicians laugh at the government contemptuously, it indicates that they believe the government is weak and clueless.

There are reasons why the politicians holding GoK in contempt believe GoK is clueless about many important matters, especially matters that give these politicians an advantage over GoK. For one, they have every reason to believe GoK does not know who their leader is.

There is no doubt that politicians in Kenya are very divided. Many people think that the division is between 2 sides of the government. They are very wrong.

There are currently 2 major political divisions in Kenya.

One side is the GoK, headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The other side is headed by the Global Mafia, and the local leader is not the one people think. I will give some clues about the leader of the anti-GoK brigade.

1. The person is between 40 - 60 years old.

2. The person’s first name starts with an “S”, and last name starts with a “K”.

3. The person’s political campaign for the 2017 elections was very colourful, and allegedly funded, at least in part, by a wealthy and corrupt close associate.

Global MafiaSK → Politicians wanaojipiga kifua

NOTE: The Global Mafia are good. Very good (in their underground work, not character). Therefore, neither SK, nor the other politicians know the mafia is behind any successes against GoK they have had (propaganda etc).

Operation Heshima

It is not politics. A foreign criminal entity is behind what is going on in Kenya. It is therefore treason.

NIS and DCI should get on the case asap. Study SK’s life with a fine tooth comb. If you don’t find something, heck, have a kifaru at the person’s residence overnight (joking here).

The Global Mafia has lit a fire in Kenya. GoK’s actions from now henceforth will determine whether that fire will be extinguished, or whether it will envelope the whole country.

If it was up to me, among other things, I would do the following: Get all details regarding SK’s foreign trips in the past 12 months. Determine exactly the places the person was on any particular day during those foreign trips.

Also, find out details about any politician who was out of the country at the same time. Find out exactly where these politicians were during those foreign trips (Someone can leave for Uganda, another for Dubai, but all meet in Bangkok, to throw off any persons suspicious of their activities).

If I find that SK and these politicians were in the same country at the same time, I will not call it a coincidence. I would want to know about who they met, financial transactions etc.

GoK should show the politicians holding it in contempt that things have changed. Time for talking is over.

After Operation Heshimu Serikali, there should be Kenyans who like GoK, and Kenyans who dislike or hate GoK, but no Kenyan who is contemptuous of GoK.

If GoK does not act right away, the number of people holding it in contempt will keep increasing. It would reach a stage where even security officers refuse to obey government orders. Kenya would slide into anarchy.

NB: From now onwards, if a person in the anti-GoK brigade travels abroad, NIS should be in tow. However, let it be known that it is very much against Kenyan interests for these persons to travel abroad at this time.

If anything can be done to make sure they don’t travel abroad now, that would be the best strategy. Remember, it is treason, not politics.

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Kenya Politics: Time to Act is Now

Post by quteda » Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:36 am

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika on Wednesday, 14 August 2019, got into a scuffle with a female member of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail at a public function. The Senator had reportedly resisted an attempt to have her handbag screened.

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