BBI: Why Constitution Change Plan Should Be Halted Immediately

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BBI: Why Constitution Change Plan Should Be Halted Immediately

Post by tana » Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:14 am

I believe Kenyan constitution needs to be amended as soon as possible. However, I do not believe that the political tension that occurs during elections is caused by faults in the constitution, or because of our system of government.

I believe the political tension in Kenya is caused by corruption. Eliminate corruption, and political tension disappears, regardless of what system of government is in place.

I have never seen such a serious attack on corruption - or rather, attack on the “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy - in Kenya, ever.

A lot of rich, crooked Kenyan “businessmen” and politicians have been hurt by this anticorruption war. And they are very bitter with the government. And, these self-centred Kenyans have the backing of the Global-Powers-That-Be.

(Reason why the Global-Powers-That-Be back these unpatriotic Kenyans is because their destabilisation tactics can only succeed in a country with a thriving “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy.)

Therefore, what will happen, if there are attempts to change the constitution now, is this: All the enemies of Kenya, both citizens and non-citizens, will gang up against the proposed constitution changes.

It will not be about facts, but who is better at propaganda.

There’s no doubt that the anti-BBI brigade, backed by the Global-Powers-That-Be, will win the propaganda war hands down. Unfortunately, this will result in total sabotage of the anticorruption war.

It is therefore necessary to delay any plans to change the constitution, until the anticorruption war would have done irreparable damage to Kenya’s corrupt underbelly.

If the current pace of fighting corruption is sustained, then in 6 months time, the “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy will have suffered irreparable damage.

That would be the right time to change the constitution.

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