Kenyans Fixated on 2022 Presidential Elections are Either Traitors or Extremely Stupid

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Kenyans Fixated on 2022 Presidential Elections are Either Traitors or Extremely Stupid

Post by jasho » Tue Oct 22, 2019 9:55 am

Some people say you cannot cure stupidity. Well, I don’t know whether that is true or not.

What I know is that when (Central Kenya) politicians are told not to concentrate on who will become president in 2022, some (mis)interpret that to mean they are being told not to vote for Mr X, and vote for Mr Y in 2022.

Let me use an analogy to explain why the logic above is either based on treason (if serving external forces), or someone is borderline retarded.
You have a community of farmers. They have planted crops, but the crops have been invaded by such ferocious pests, that there is a chance all crop might be lost before harvesting time.

During formal and informal gatherings, there are farmers (Farmers Q) who insist, this time they must be allowed to sell their harvest to ‘Company A’. All other farmers tell off Farmers Q, telling them they don’t want to hear about who they will sell their crop to (since the pest issue is their top priority, and harvesting time is so far away).

Farmers Q start complaining that the other farmers are motivated by the fact that they don’t want ‘Company A’ to get business; that they must have another company that they want every farmer to sell their produce to.
How can you explain the logic above?

Politicians concentrating on 2022 presidential elections forget that Kenya is under attack (or maybe they lack the mental capacity to understand that). There are urgent, very important issues that need to be resolved before any reasonable person can talk about who will be president in 2022.

Furthermore, the voting in Kenya general elections is by secret ballot. Therefore, saying that you are being “forced” to support Mr Y, or Ms Z, is just being dishonest.

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