Uhuru Being Let Down By Senior Govt Officials

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Uhuru Being Let Down By Senior Govt Officials

Post by xtyrt5 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:03 pm

There is a major propaganda war going on in Kenya, aimed at painting President Uhuru Kenyatta as a leader who is out of touch with reality, a leader who has deliberately impoverished Mt Kenya people.

Power of Propaganda: If the above is not mere propaganda and lies, then why is it that Kenyans outside Mt Kenya complain that Uhuru’s govt favours Mt Kenya?

I blame this situation on the people whose job is to do PR for Uhuru’s side of the government (there are de facto 2 political camps, one led by President Uhuru, and the other by DP Ruto).

If I had to give Uhuru’s PR team a score, it would be 10% - they are not doing their job. This might have far-reaching consequences for Kenya’s stability.

Former Starehe MP Maina Kamanda Heckling: When President Uhuru supporter Kamanda attended a church service in Nanyuki, he was heckled. There were reports that the hecklers were drunk, and had been paid to heckle him.

If the event above was the opposite i.e. If Kamanda was an ant-Uhuru MP, and peasants bought alcohol and paid to heckle him in church, the matter would have been top news on most Kenyan media, and it would have been trending on social media.

There would be videos circulating online of the paid hecklers confessing about how much they were paid, and by who…

Mr Kamanda has been heckled several times - by paid hecklers - the President’s team has not publicised the fact that the hecklers are paid, and by whom. What trends on social media is that Kamanda is so unpopular - and by extension, the President - that even villagers don’t want him to attend their local events.

Uhuru’s PR team is not countering anti-Uhuru propaganda as it should. The effect is that, each day, more Mt Kenya people join the anti-Uhuru side.

NOTE: I don’t think any reasonable person can even entertain the propaganda that the anti-Uhuru MPs in Mt Kenya are motivated by “their peoples’ interests”.

The stories about Coffee, tea, milk etc. is all propaganda - what have they done about it in parliament all the years they have been MPs? If they cared so much about their constituents, then the news we would be hearing about them is parliamentary bills to help the farmers, development projects in their constituencies using CDF, exposing any cases of misappropriation of funds in their counties etc.

Neutral Politicians Will Choose Winning Side: Most politicians are waiting to see which side is likely to “win”, so they can join that side. Already, one prominent MP who was originally on the anti-Uhuru side, then went to pro-Uhuru side (after calculating that side was stronger), has now gone back to the anti-Uhuru side, probably believing that this side is on top currently.

Independence: The current political divisions in Kenya wouldn’t have bothered me in the least, if it was just Kenyans involved. But I have information that most Kenyans do not have.

Reality is: pro-Uhuru side Vs Foreign-backed side. Kenya’s independence is at stake.

If you told Kenyan politicians on the Foreign-backed side that they were Foreign-backed, they wouldn’t believe it. Yet that is the reality.

Anyone interested in knowing more about what is going on in Kenya and is not being reported by the media, can read about it here, here, here & here.

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