Message to DP William Ruto

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Message to DP William Ruto

Post by xtyrt5 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 9:24 am

I have seen it said many times online that Deputy President William Ruto is more popular in Mt Kenya region than President Uhuru Kenyatta.

What is certain is that about 50% of Mt Kenya MPs support Ruto. This has never happened before in Kenya history.

It also happens that Ruto was the boss of the Jubilee elections team, regarding clearing Jubilee nominees for the general elections in 2017 (almost all Mt Kenya MPs are in Jubilee).

President Uhuru received a lot of votes in North Rift Valley (Ruto’s home region). Almost all those votes were obtained because of Ruto i.e. they were voting for Uhuru because of Ruto.

Uhuru received more than 90% votes in most Mt Kenya counties. Those votes were due to Uhuru i.e. Voters in Mt Kenya were voting for Uhuru because they love Uhuru.

What a “coincidence” that in a region where more than 90% of voters love Uhuru, it just happened that in half the constituencies, they elected MPs who don’t like Uhuru? Some of the Mt Kenya MPs actually hate Uhuru, though they don’t say so, but their actions and other statements prove that they hate the president.

Also, ALL these Mt Kenya MPs who don’t like President Uhuru, love DP Ruto. Some even appear to worship the DP.

DP Ruto: Do you see how bad it looks? Assume you were the president, how would you interpret the above situation?

And to add salt to injury, DP Ruto visits Mt Kenya counties weekly, sometimes more than once per week, always accompanied by anti-Uhuru Mt Kenya MPs.

DP Ruto: There are some MPs in North Rift who don’t like you. How would you feel if the president visits North Rift counties regularly, accompanied by the anti-Ruto MPs?

Ruto has said many times how he is loyal to the president. If you were in the president’s shoes, would you believe that statement?

DP Ruto probably believes it when he hears he is more popular than the president in Central Kenya region. He doesn’t realize how ridiculous that sounds.

In fact, I would be very surprised if there was a GENUINE vote in Mt Kenya between Ruto & Uhuru, and Ruto scored more than 5%.


My job is to study the GLOBAL MAFIA activities in Kenya. There are very many things Kenyans do not know about what is going on in the country. These threads might help you know more about certain things going in Kenya, that are not reported in the media:
here, here, here & here.

Out of the top 100 Kenyan websites, at least 80 are owned by the Global Mafia through Kenyan proxies. We can call them “Kenyan” websites.

DP Ruto probably doesn’t know this, but the GLOBAL MAFIA is behind him 100%. Consequently, “Kenyan” websites have been pushing the narrative about how popular Ruto is in Mt Kenya.

Social media (owned by the GLOBAL MAFIA) has also been pushing hard this story about Ruto’s popularity. Very importantly, these “Kenyan” websites & social media have been pushing hard the story that Uhuru is extremely unpopular, including in his home area.

NOTE: Kenyan media follow what happens in social media, and take it as fact. Therefore, the above contrived stats, also appear in Kenyan media. Important also to note that the GLOBAL MAFIA uses actual people and also many bots to push their propaganda about Kenyan issues.

Advice to Ruto: If you are African, being liked by the GLOBAL MAFIA is not a good thing. It means they regard you as unpatriotic. It also makes it very hard to win the presidency.

2007: Global Mafia backed Raila Odinga. He did not become president.
2012: Global Mafia backed Raila Odinga. He did not become president.
2017: Global Mafia backed Raila Odinga. He did not become president.

Raila has become wise. He is now backing Uhuru 100%. Consequently, the GLOBAL MAFIA no longer like him. And you can see this by how he is featured negatively on social media and “Kenyan” websites.

If DP Ruto does not want to be the darling of the GLOBAL MAFIA anymore, he should do the following:

1. Fold his INUA MAMA outfit. Tell them that they should now collect all the wares they were planning to take to various counties, divide them up, send them to the recipients right away, and fold the group.

2. Whenever visiting a certain county, DEMAND that only politicians from that county attend the function. If politicians outside that county are invited, automatically cancel attendance. This is all functions including church, unless it is unavoidable for non-local politicians not to attend e.g. wedding.

3. Advice Mt Kenya politicians allied to you that, anytime they contradict the president, they make you - Ruto - look bad. It is in your interest to support the president’s agenda by actions, not words.

4. Advice Mt Kenya politicians allied to you that, if someone is an ally of the president, they should either treat him with respect, or ignore him, when he visits their turf. No more paying poor people to heckle pro-Uhuru politicians.

If DP Ruto did the above, then he will become unpopular on “Kenyan” websites & social media, just like both President Uhuru and former PM Raila are unpopular on those platforms.

However, it will eventually be good for him, and for Kenya because it would lower political temperatures, and boost the economy.

From 1 January 2021, Ruto and anyone else wanting to become president in late 2022 elections, can start serious campaigns then.

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Message to DP William Ruto

Post by xtyrt5 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 4:05 am

All Jubilee MPs and Senators claim that they are 100% loyal to President Uhuru Kenyatta. This includes the anti-Uhuru MPs/Senators, ALL who are allied to DP William Ruto.

Let us assume that Mr Ruto has never known that Mt Kenya MPs allied to him, are also anti-Uhuru. How can we help him identify his Mt Kenya allies who are anti-Uhuru?

Instead of writing many paragraphs to arrive at a conclusion, I will delve right into the conclusion:

Pro-Ruto & Anti-Uhuru Mt Kenya politicians possess the following characteristic - They all dislike Interior CS & PS Dr Fred Matiang’i & Dr Karanja Kibicho respectively.

Therefore, if Mr Ruto is truly loyal to his boss as he says - meaning he wouldn’t like to associate closely with people who hate his boss - he should simply ask his allies the following question:

What is your opinion about Dr Matiang’i & Dr Kibicho?

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