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Why DP Ruto is Busy Campaigning 24/7

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:26 am
by xtyrt5
This video features former Lugari MP, Cyrus Jirongo talking about Deputy President William Ruto.

Why DP Ruto is Busy Campaigning 24/7

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 5:59 am
by xtyrt5
After observing DP William Ruto’s activities in recent months, I have become convinced that he believes he is some sort of deity, a god.

How is the following behaviour normal, any way you look at it? Ruto holds a public meeting where he discusses mundane issues, and makes some empty promises to a Womens’ group. An hour later, Ruto is riding in his helicopter heading for the burial of murdered Sgt Kipyegon Kenei, the man who was in charge of security at his Harambee Annex office.

At Kenei’s burial, he laments how the murder investigation is being used to fix him. He complains bitterly about ‘powerful ’people he claims want him dead. He even cries.

A few minutes after Kenei’s burial, Ruto flies to another political function, where he discusses mundane political matters with his allies and (paid) ’supporters’.

The only way I can explain Ruto’s behaviour is this: Whatever he does, he believes his god sent him/wanted him to do it. Therefore, when he pockets billions meant to build a dam that would help poor people, he genuinely believes his god wants him to pocket the money, so he can use it to impress poor Kenyans, who would in turn elect him president, ‘as his god has commanded’.

If he ordered Kenei’s murder - as seems likely - he was convinced that is what his god wanted, because Kenei’s plans to expose his involvement in a multi-billion arms scam went against his god’s plans for him [Ruto].

Many Kenyans are wondering what is going on in the country. Some genuinely believe (very erroneously ) that the tension in Kenya - especially Rift Valley & Mt Kenya - is caused by BBI/HandShake, and therefore if BBI was stopped, ‘things would go back to normal’.

Kenyans arguing this way are very, very mistaken.

The complex Kenyan political situation currently can be summarised this way: For many decades, corrupt cartels have entrenched themselves in government. These criminal cartels also entrenched themselves in the Judiciary and other important agencies/organisations in Kenya.

These cartels had become a law unto themselves. Although the cartels in government had become very powerful, they were always ‘AMORPHOUS’ ie didn’t have a single person as their national leader. Until the GREEDIEST KENYAN IN HISTORY, WILLIAM RUTO came along.

This is what I believe is happening in Kenya:

William Ruto has taken the title of Kenya Cartels’ Boss - The capo di tutti i capi.

The police bosses know this. The president knows this.

Place yourself in the shoes of Kenyan IG, or Director DCI, or Director ODPP, or President Uhuru Kenyatta. When you learn that the Deputy President is the head of the Kenyan underworld, what would you do?

To make matters worse, this Kenyan capo di tutti i capi is convinced the gods want him, nay, demand of him, to become the President of Kenya. Knowing this information, as the current president of Kenya, what would you do?