Dynasties Ruling Kenya

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Dynasties Ruling Kenya

Post by igiza » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:40 am

With enough resources, it is possible to conjure up a lie and make people believe it.

In Kenya nowadays, it is common to read about dynasties that have been ruling the country since independence. The matter of dynasties has been repeated so many times till it has been taken as fact by many (young)Kenyans.

Let us now look at the real facts:

1. Jomo Kenyatta: President, 1963/4-1978. Jomo’s father was a peasant and died while Jomo was a child.
2. Daniel arap Moi: President, 1978-2002. Moi’s father was a peasant and died while Moi was a child.
3. Mwai Kibaki: President, 2003-2012. Kibaki’s father was a peasant.
4. Uhuru Kenyatta: President, 2013-present: Uhuru’s father was the 1st president of Kenya.

This information is available online by a simple search.

Therefore, of all 4 Kenya presidents, only Uhuru Kenyatta comes from a rich family(or dynasty). Therefore, it is an obvious lie to say that Kenya has been ruled by dynasties, or to imply that one condition for a person to become president is that his father must have been one of the richest Kenyans.

Statistics clearly prove that assertion to be false, and is meant to push a certain sinister agenda. Interestingly, the people behind this lie and many other lies meant to destabilise Kenya, are all funded by the same (((donors))).

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