Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

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Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

Post by tana » Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:19 pm

My online search for Kenyan Search Engine returned only 2 relevant results:
1. Described as “A searchable directory of East African sites”.
2. Described as “A Kenyan search engine developed by 3 KCA University students”.

Unfortunately, none of the websites above appear to be active. The information about the search engines indicate that they were online more than 10 years ago.

If there were Kenyan search engines more than 10 years ago, why is there none currently? Anyway, it means that Kenya can develop a top-class Kenyan Search Engine within 1 year, if all effort is put into the project.

The Kenyan Search Engine should be developed/owned by the Kenyan government. I have given my reasons here.

If the Kenyan Search Engine is developed now, there is a high probability that it will lead to Kenya’s GDP doubling within 5 years.

I know many Kenyans would doubt this assertion, because they don’t realise how necessary that search engine is, and that lack of it has a major negative effect on economic growth..

If you follow the links above, you will understand that there are powerful foreign entities that have for years utilised thousands of IT experts to manipulate search results regarding Kenya, and also to propel Kenyans who don’t think for themselves to the top on social media platforms.

Do you think these powerful entities have done all that work for fun?

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Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

Post by tana » Sun Jul 21, 2019 8:47 am

If Kenya were to launch the new search engine soon, Kenya will become the first country in Africa to slay the dragon of neocolonialism.

How exactly can the search engine lead to the doubling of Kenyan GDP in 5 years? There are dozens of ways Kenyan economy would gain because of this search engine, but I will just highlight one for now.

In the past 10 years, Kenya has been hit by terror acts several times. In all these terrorism cases, Somalia-based al Shabaab has been responsible (they have proudly claimed responsibility).

Perhaps quite shocking to most Kenyans is the fact that more than two-thirds of the perpetrators of these terror acts are actually Kenyans.

Indeed, a closer look at how the terror acts by al Shabaab in Kenya are carried out shows that, if there were no Kenyan recruits in the organisation, its very likely that most of the terror plots would not have succeeded.

Therefore, if Kenya found a way to completely cut off the al Shabaab from recruiting Kenyans, the country’s security would greatly improve.

This is where the Kenyan search engine comes in.

Kenyans who join al Shabaab believe that the terror organisation is fighting the global-powers-that-be, of which Kenya is allegedly a close ally. The reality is, of course, the opposite, but what matters here is that the recruits believe this fallacy.

The global-powers-that-be know this. Yet, they have actively helped perpetuate this fallacy through their manipulation of information flow using their search engine and social media monopoly.

With the Kenyan search engine in place, the following would happen:

A person interested in this matter can write an article with data showing many social media users who support al Shabaab openly, and whose accounts are still active Vs data of many users whose accounts were disabled because of very minor issues (not related to crime/terrorism).

The purpose of the article will be to show that the global-powers-that-be support, or at least are sympathetic to, al Shabaab.

The article will naturally need to include more details, but what is important is that, such an article written currently will automatically be shadow banned by search engines and social media sites. Therefore, the public will not know about it.

With a Kenyan search engine, such an article should be indexed normally, and reach the intended audience.

Looking at this issue optimistically, there would then be an interesting debate in Kenya about the fact that al Shabaab is actually used by powerful people from outside Africa to destabilise already poor countries.

Who would like to join such an organisation? What would happen if these facts reach the already active al Shabaab members in Somalia?

Without Kenyans being recruited into al Shabaab, the peace that would follow would greatly boost Kenya’s tourism, and open up for business the almost-closed eastern half of the country.

1. Once again, I emphasise that I am not suggesting that Kenya antagonise anyone. Actually, the global-powers-that-be wouldn’t demand that Kenya should not create the search engine, because they wouldn’t like to be seen to be supporting al Shabaab or other local criminals.

The global-powers-that-be believe other people are too stupid to figure out these things.

2. The global-powers-that-be are behind Africa’s neocolonialism. Or, in simple terms, research who are the shadowy, powerful protectors of al Shabaab. They are behind Africa’s current economic, social and security problems.

3. I read somewhere that there’s nothing like neocolonialism, since it is Africans themselves who are stealing from their countries.

When Kenya became independent, the government identified ignorance as one of the 3 diseases that must be fought head-on for the country to move forward. Clearly, this disease is yet to be eradicated.

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