Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

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Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

Post by tana » Fri Oct 30, 2020 7:18 am

Recently, I read that ICT ministry has introduced a portal where Kenyan IT projects can be submitted. I assume the plan is that, if the projects are found to be viable, then they can be funded/popularised.

That is good. However, it only solves 0.01% of the problems ICT sector innovators in Kenya face.

Like I have stated many times before, INFORMATION management is the KEY. No shortcut. As long as Kenyans do not manage information flow in the country, ICT revolution won’t happen in Kenya.


As long as Kenyans do not control MOST of the information flow in the country, no Kenyan will produce a notable, COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL ICT project. IMPOSSIBLE.

And it does not matter how clever or creative any Kenyan is.

The people who don’t want any REAL Kenyan to produce a notable, COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL ICT project, are controlling MOST of the information flow in the country. And you expect a COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL ICT project by a REAL Kenyan (not pseudo-Kenyan) to ever see light of day? Really?

(By COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL ICT project, I do not mean own a college that teaches IT etc. I mean the African equivalent of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, Twitter, popular COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL apps/games etc)

I will now explain why it is IMPOSSIBLE for a Kenyan, regardless of how creative he is, to produce a COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL ICT project under current circumstances.

I will explain this in a way that one doesn’t need to be a “techie” to understand.

EXAMPLE: A creative Kenyan is working on an IT project that has the potential to revolutionalise a certain aspect of Kenyan life. The project has massive potential to become a commercial success.

He plans for the program to be accessible via desktop and mobile devices.

Let us call this project - The APP.

The APP uses Google Maps (API), among other external programs.

NOTE: Every modern IT program/project/App depends on many other external programs.

A week before he unveils the revolutionary APP, Google Maps makes certain changes to their program (API), that means his APP can no longer work, until he re-codes it.

(This can be done in such a manner that it inconveniences only a few “unknown” IT developers. I have seen it done, but do not want to digress, since it will require a very long explanation)

He works for 3 months to make The APP accomodate the new changes to Google Maps.

However, a few days before he releases The APP to the public, another crucial external program used by The APP introduces new terms and conditions…Back to the drawing board.

In short, The APP will never be released to the public, since something always comes up to sabotage it.

If the creator of The APP takes his case to social media, he is immediately SHADOW BANNED. He writes about his tribulations on his blog, but it is SHADOW BANNED by search engines. They refuse to index it, meaning nobody, apart from himself, knows about the blog article he has written.

Therefore, the general public never gets to find out about his frustrations.

Kenyan Search Engine: If the Kenyan Search Engine was in place, the general public would have found out about his tribulations.

Furthermore, with a Kenyan Search Engine in place, there will be many popular Kenyan Discussion Forums, Social Media sites etc run by PATRIOTIC Kenyans. Therefore, the story about the tribulations of the creator of The APP would be known by many people.

Among the many people who get to know about the creator of The APP’s tribulations, there might be someone who would advice him thus: “If Google Maps API is the problem, use Yandex Maps API (from Russia), or Baidu Maps API (from China)…”

Therefore, creator of The APP now has known about alternatives he had never known about before. If he has problems using these new programs, he could ask for help…He might discover that there is a Russia/China-based Kenyan already using these programs…

Summary: Having a Kenyan Search Engine is absolutely necessary. It will open up communication whereby Kenyans who are capable of creating projects that are good for Kenya, and are currently BLOCKED from doing so by the GLOBAL MAFIA, will be able to launch such projects.

This is good for Kenya. It will create employment, widen the tax base, and trigger exponential growth of Kenya Information Technology sector.

NB: One should not analyse the example I have given and say “Why didn’t the “creator” just Google…” It is just a simple example. *They* have infinite methods of sabotaging Africans from creating successful companies in the tech sector, and PREVENT discussion of their MAFIA tactics by ensuring they have monopoly of Info-flow in Africa.

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