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Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 2:05 pm
by tana
Federal and state regulators in the U.S. are preparing to file antitrust lawsuits alleging Google has abused its dominance of online search and advertising to stifle competition and and boost its profits” ... s-70715734

Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 5:44 am
by tana
Rigging by social media and search engines is out of control.

Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 8:12 am
by tana
Kenya’s Gaming tech start-up, Usiku Games, has launched the first made-in-Africa video conferencing system that will enable users enjoy better quality calls with unlimited attendees, at more affordable prices…

According to Jay Shapiro, the Founder and CEO, of Usiku Games, Gumzo is Africa’s first innovation in video conferencing built by Kenyan developers who have exhibited a high level of skill in coding and system architecture…

In addition, Gumzo have committed that 50 percent of all fees raised on the platform will be donated to COVID-19 response Fund, NGOs in Kenya, including the Pwani Youth Network, Team Pankaj & Mombasa Red Cross. ... tem-gumzo/
A few years ago, a certain Kenyan had an app on Google Play with 100,000 downloads. He approached every Kenyan media house he knew of to write about his app, but none was interested.

Here comes a Canadian expatriate ‘tech entrepreneur’ with 1,000 downloads, and has all the media coverage a similar Kenyan-owned company can only dream of. Amazing.

I am not suggesting that companies/products by expatriate ‘tech entrepreneurs’ shouldn’t be given media coverage, but Kenyans should be given more coverage - because Kenyan developers are already heavily disadvantaged.

Like has repeatedly been stated in this thread, the best gift ICT ministry can give Kenya is a search engine. Or at the minimum, a forum where Kenyans can FREELY discuss ideas, exchange links etc.

I do not know of a single website/platform where Kenyans can FREELY discuss the issues in this thread. This does not mean that there are no such websites/platforms. It only means that they are not easily discoverable using rigged search engines/manipulated social media.

I once went to REDDIT to discuss with other Africans about how Africans can network, and create and publicise their own TECH platforms and related products. I was kicked out. BANNED.

Currently, if you go to social media/forums to talk about African-made tech platforms, software etc. you will will be told about the “already successful” Jay Shapiro’s “African” company, or some other African-based expatriate ‘tech entrepreneur’-owned company.

If you insist on truly African products/companies, as in AFRIKAN made & owned, you will either be kicked out, shadow banned, or trolled to obscurity.

Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 1:45 pm
by tana
Arizona sues Google for ‘misleading’ users by secretly tracking their personal data on smartphones.

Google has been accused of collecting data on people’s whereabouts and their searches even when they disabled these options on their mobile devices.

The lawsuit, filed by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, alleges that certain apps developed by the Silicon Valley-based company tracked and stored location records and search history on Android-running smartphones even when users turned off these options.

The apps that allow the collection of personal data without users’ consent include mapping and weather, which violates Arizona’s consumer protection laws, the lawsuit says. ... a-lawsuit/

Kenyan Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 5:34 am
by tana
To ICT CS Joe Mucheru: We keep reading/hearing/watching in the media about “Kenyan” info tech products courtesy of expatriate ‘tech entrepreneurs’. These Kenyan-based expatriate ‘tech entrepreneurs’ admit openly that:

1. They are not programmers/computer scientists. They are “businessmen”/hustlers, and had done nothing significant in their home countries before they came to Kenya;

2. Their products are 100% made by Kenyans.

Plea to Mr Mucheru & other senior officials at ICT ministry: Please invite to your office these Kenyans creating the products for the expatriate ‘tech entrepreneurs’. Ask them why they could not create the same products before the expatriate ‘tech entrepreneurs’ came on the scene.

ICT ministry will get all the information they need to make Kenya an African ICT powerhouse (Where Kenyans create & OWN their successful software/platforms & expatriate ‘tech entrepreneurs’ will be struggling to compete with Kenyan-owned tech platforms).

(NB: If ICT ministry arranges such a meeting, they should not expect to meet with BMW/V8-driving programmers. These Kenyan expert programmers/computer scientists have been exploited for long. So, don’t belittle them when they arrive at the office all sweaty, after walking from town on foot - and it would not be because of a deliberate physical exercise).