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DCI to Charge Humphrey Kariuki Over Sh41 Billion Tax Evasion

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:28 am
by tana
“Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti is set to apply for an international warrant of arrest against tycoon Humphrey Kariuki who is wanted over tax evasion…Kariuki is wanted in Kenya to face charges of evading to pay Sh41 billion in taxes through his businesses Africa Spirits and Wines of the World.

“Other than Kariuki, those to be arrested include Stuart Gerald Herd (Director WOW Beverages Limited), Peter Njenga Kuria (Director Africa Spirits Limited), Robert Thinji Muriithi (Director WOW Beverages Limited), Geoffrey Kaaria (Director Africa Spirits Limited), Sethu Prabhu (Assistant Production Manager, Africa Spirits Limited), Eric Nzomba (Driver) and Kepha Githu Gakure (Tax Manager, Africa Spirits Limited/WoW Beverages Limited).” ... x-evasion/

Kudos DCI & DPP for going after the big fish. No more sacred cows in Kenya.

Mr Kariuki is no small fish. He is one of the 10 richest Black Kenyans. Unlike many rich Kenyans, Kariuki does not seek publicity, nor does he appear to be interested in politics. The first time I saw his photo in the media was 2 years ago.

Because of his low profile, very few Kenyans know about him.

In the mid 1990s, part of Karura forest in Nairobi was grabbed. Greenbelt Movement leader, Prof Wangari Maathai fought hard against this grabbing.

At the height of the Karura forest land grabbing saga in the late 1990s, a list of the grabbers was published by a local newspaper (I haven’t seen the article online. Those days, Kenyans were just starting to use the internet).

As was expected, most names of the land grabbers was the who-is-who among Kenyan political elite and their close associates. But there was one name on that list that most Kenyans had never heard before - Humphrey Kariuki. People were asking, “who is this Humphrey Kariuki?”

The next time Kenyans heard of Humphrey Kariuki, he was being suspected of engaging in Money Laundering:$1.5_bil ... of_horrors

The famous Forbes magazine wrote a very positive article about him 2 years ago.

Sep 23, 2017: “Meet Humphrey Kariuki, The Kenyan Multi-Millionaire Preserving Endangered Animal Species” ... 2afb246aa9 (Not surprised to see that they have started re-editing that article)

Forbes cannot write a positive article about you if you are a good Kenyan. Enough of that.

The previous untouchable corrupt Kenyans must be scared stiff.

Good. Thank you DCI & DPP.

DCI to Charge Humphrey Kariuki Over Sh41 Billion Tax Evasion

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:09 am
by tana
HumphreyKariuki_statement.jpg (53.94 KiB) Viewed 158 times
“Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki has come out to defend himself, two days after he was charged with evading the payment of taxes totalling Sh41 billion.

In a statement dated August 19 but released to journalists on Wednesday, the businessman said he is a victim of envious individuals, unsettled by his vast business empire across the world.” ... align-him/

Mr Kariuki: If you believe you are innocent, why did you run from Kenya when you learnt that DCI was looking for you? Why don’t you want the law to take its course?

If you believe you are innocent, fight the charges in court. If you win, the “envious individuals” will be ashamed. You will have proved that their envy will not prevent you from progressing.

If, on the other hand, you are found guilty, you will face the consequences according to the laws of the land. May justice prevail.