TSC Breaks Ties With KNUT: Arrogant SG Single-Handedly Destroys KNUT

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TSC Breaks Ties With KNUT: Arrogant SG Single-Handedly Destroys KNUT

Post by quteda » Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:04 am

The Teachers Service Commission is terminating its 51-year-old agreement with the Kenya National Union of Teachers, citing shrinking membership.”

Late last week TSC terminated Knut secretary-general Wilson Sossion's contract as a teacher, blocking him from teaching in any school whether public or private.

Mr Sossion neither answered calls to his mobile phone nor replied to text messages.
https://www.nation.co.ke/news/TSC-sever ... index.html
Knut does not have the simple majority of unionisable employees under the employment of the Teachers Service Commission as at November 4, 2019,” the letter added.
https://www.pd.co.ke/news/national/tsc- ... ion-12266/
Kenyan teachers must be very disappointed to see their once great union destroyed by one man - the current Secretary General (SG). Teachers did everything to save their union, including removing the SG from office, and replacing him with a reasonable person.

But the SG rushed to court, and as expected of most Kenyan Judges, a Judge ordered him reinstated in office. The Judge also ordered police to provide him with security and accompany him back to office.

Imagine requiring police to accompany you to the union office because the people you claim to represent don’t want you to lead their union? You choose to destroy the union instead of resigning.

And just like that, the most incompetent Kenyan union leader in 50 years, has destroyed the once largest workers' union in Kenya, KNUT.

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