MOI: The Worst President in Kenya History

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MOI: The Worst President in Kenya History

Post by xtyrt5 » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:49 am

Yet when I reflect on broad economic trends and management of economic affairs during the 24 years Moi was in power, what jumps out is corruption and plunder of public resources and a stagnant economy.

Also, the current dire state of the coffee industry is, itself, attributable to politically motivated assaults and weakening of independent farmer organisations that started in the late 1980s…

Many may not remember one Alfrick Birgen, who designed and implemented the collapse of institutions such as Kenya Planters Cooperative Union (KPCU), Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC) and Kenya Farmers Association (KFA)…

As the first multiparty elections approached, the regime raided the Central Bank of Kenya and siphoned billions through the Goldenberg scandal. It was then that we witnessed the emergence of a large number of crooked billionaires…

We printed money at a massive scale. For the first time ever, the CBK made losses — enormous losses…” ... index.html
After observing online articles about Kenya for years, I became convinced that there were powerful people manipulating the Kenyan story in order to change Kenya history. In fact, most young Kenyans, who have obtained their information about Kenya from online sources, do not know one fact about the country:

Daniel Toroitich arap Moi (1924 - 2020) is the worst Kenyan president ever, by far. He single-handedly managed to destroy a thriving economy, left by former President Jomo Kenyatta.

Brainwashed Kenyans claim that Moi was good to “smaller” tribes…

I call Kenyans who argue this way BRAINWASHED because, during Jomo Kenyatta’s time, if you sold milk to KCC, you got paid, regardless of your tribe. During Moi’s time, he hired incompetent people to run KCC, and they quickly bankrupted it.

Regardless of your tribe, within 10 years of Moi ascending to power, if you sold your milk to KCC, you were not paid. How many farmers were bankrupted by KCC across the country? How many kids, from different tribes across Kenya, had their future destroyed, because their parents could not afford to educate them, because they had been bankrupted by KCC?

Same story to maize farmers. During Jomo Kenyatta’s time, if you were a maize farmer, you were GUARANTEED prompt payment by KFA. During Moi’s time, he hired incompetent people to run KFA, and they quickly bankrupted it.

This was the story across all sectors of the economy.

Therefore, when you see some Kenyans claim that Moi made “smaller” tribes also have a foothold on the economy, what they mean is that most Kenyans under Moi were almost equal economically, equalised by poverty.

If you sold 200 litres of milk per day, and you were not paid, you are equal, or actually worse off, than the person who never bothered to be engaged in any economic activity.

Ditto if you were a maize farmer, coffee farmer…who was not paid. And some Kenyan sadists actually believe this “equalisation” was good.

It is sick and retrogressive reasoning.

It is said that Moi was a kind president because he introduced Maziwa ya Nyayo School milk program. How many Kenyans know that this program was used to siphon public funds into a few peoples’ pockets, and that it directly led to collapse of KCC?

This is what happened: Govt releases funds to buy milk from KCC to fund the School milk program. But the money was instead pocketed by a few corrupt, well-connected individuals.

Therefore, KCC delivered milk to schools, but farmers could not be paid for their milk supply, because the money had been eaten already. And you call such a president kind?

Some Moi apologists argue that Kenyan economy collapsed during Moi’s presidency because of sabotage led by Kikuyus, who pressured Western Donors to place sanctions on Moi’s government.

BRAINWASHING at its peak. By the time Moi run afoul of Western Donors - in the 1990s - KCC, KFA and other institutions mentioned above HAD ALREADY COLLAPSED!

The areas affected by the sanctions/SAPS were: (1) Freeze on employment in the 1990s, (2) Retrenchment of civil servants in the 1990s, (3) Reduced funding of universities, hence introduction of fees and end of free food/board in public universities.

For the above 3 economic problems, I don’t blame Moi. Also, I don’t see people blaming Moi for the problems.

Having seen the effects of the above 3 sanctions/SAPS, has made me absolutely hate economic sanctions, however the grievances. I would never, ever support economic sanctions on any country, regardless of the reasons.

If the regime is evil, sanction the leaders, their families and associates ONLY. Economic Sanctions across the board hurt ordinary citizens the most.

Moi has died. May he RIP.

I have seen some Kenyans, like the one quoted above, are trying to educate young Kenyans about the real Kenyan history. Keep it up.

A day will come when the BOGUS KENYA HISTORY will be known by Kenyans - young and old - to be bogus, because most articles they will be reading online/on social media about Kenyan history will be featuring the true Kenyan story.

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