All Patriotic Kenyans Must Support BBI Report

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All Patriotic Kenyans Must Support BBI Report

Post by tana » Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:46 am

Over the past year and a half, in markets, media, social media, blogs, barazas, and many other places, millions of Kenyans made their opinion known about what they want to see in the BBI Report.

Obviously, no Kenyan would expect the BBI Constitution amendment to include 100% of what they wanted.

I am very happy with the BBI Report. Reasons why I am supporting it 100% are too many to write here. Just a summary: It is inclusive. It is pro-Kenya. It is pro-business. It is pro-youth…

Last year, I proposed the following to be incorporated into BBI (also here) - among other recommendations:

1. No nominated MCA, MP or Senator (DONE)

2. Leader of Official Opposition (DONE)

3. Fundamental Changes Regarding Appointment to JSC & Supreme Court (DONE).

There are many reasons why we MUST NOT have anymore nominated political positions, among them:

1. Nominations have been greatly abused. It was argued that some groups need to be nominated because they are disadvantaged…Yet, many people have been nominated, and ended up competing & winning during later Parliament/Senate/MCA elections. What happened to their “disadvantage”?

2. Days when important issues could only be discussed in parliament, are long gone. There is the media, social media, lobby groups…There are many ways for disadvantaged groups to make their voices heard, outside of Parliament/Senate/County Assembly.

3. A nominated Senator, who is a person living with disability, has publicly stated that he regularly visits the doctor who made him disabled - thru’ a botched medical procedure - because if it were not for the disability, he wouldn’t be a senator…

4. Some of the dumbest Kenyans have ended up in Parliament/Senate/County Assembly courtesy of being nominated…They do nothing in Parliament/Senate/County Assembly because they don’t even understand what their role there is.

Improvement on BBI: This needs to be added to final BBI doc: Deputy President can be sacked by the President. This takes effect immediately BBI passes referendum. Therefore, immediately BBI passes, current DP can, and will, be sacked.

This is very important because current Kenya DP has foreign spies embedded into him, and that is No. 1 cause of Kenya problems. Sacking him will destroy the criminal parallel government in Kenya.

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All Patriotic Kenyans Must Support BBI Report

Post by tana » Fri Nov 13, 2020 6:29 am

The Catholic church has opposed some proposals in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, terming them “good but dangerous”.

The church’s bishops, who retreated to the Marian Shrine in Subukia, Nakuru County, to deliberate on the BBI report, rejected the plan to give more powers to the president, saying it will not cure the winner-takes-it-all problem.

They called for further dialogue to achieve inclusivity. ... -proposals
I respectfully disagree.

1. It is not possible to have constitutional amendment that is supported by everyone. That is why referendum is held, so that people who support the amendments can vote YES, and those opposed can vote NO.

In a democracy, if YES wins, then the constitutional amendments are effected. If NO wins, then the amendments stand rejected.

That is what Kenya needs to do - go for REFERENDUM - because trying to reach “consensus” is just a waste of time.

2. The 2010 constitution removed the “winner-takes-it-all” clauses in the old constitution and spread power around various institutions.

Judiciary was made more independent. Judges could no longer be sacked by the president. Result? Judiciary became more corrupt than at any time in Kenya history.

Vice President became Deputy President, who couldn’t be sacked by the president. Result? Current Deputy President has engaged in the biggest theft of public funds since independence.

Therefore, removing “winner-takes-it-all” from Kenya politics has had very negative effect on the country’s economy.

Let Kenyans elect a wise person as president, and give him/her the power needed to govern effectively - of course, with checks and balances through parliament/senate. If the president does not deliver, then there is the option for parliament/senate to impeach him/her.


1. The current DP has never, ever gone to inspect an ongoing government project, and demanded from the contractors: Why is it taking so long to complete this project? Instead, he has openly been sabotaging government projects.

2. The current constitution assumed that if Judiciary is made more independent, then judges will generally make good rulings, because they don’t have to worry about being sacked.

Reality is that, only a few judges make pro-Kenya rulings. Judiciary has become a den of corruption.

Unfortunately, when the economy does badly because of judiciary-sanctioned corruption, it is the country’s Chief Executive (president) who is blamed. Why should a person be blamed for out-of-control corruption if he/she has no power over the people destroying the economy?

3. The world is the way it is. There are various powerful entities globally who will do anything to conquer another country. When you have a situation where there are public officials who cannot be sacked by the country’s Chief Executive, then they become possible recruits by these powerful foreign entities.

In fact, this is what has happened in Kenya currently, where you have the Deputy President being loyal to powerful foreign entities, against Kenya interests.

Therefore, removing “winner-takes-it-all”, and entrenching alternative centres of power, created an avenue for powerful foreign entities to create a criminal PARALLEL GOVERNMENT in Kenya, that is only answerable to them - the Foreign Entities.

This is what has happened in Kenya. And must never be allowed to happen again. Else, Kenya will go to the dogs.

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All Patriotic Kenyans Must Support BBI Report

Post by tana » Sat Nov 14, 2020 12:27 am

MURANG’A residents claim that DP Ruto is sabotaging the President.

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