The People vs Kenya Judiciary

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The People vs Kenya Judiciary

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1. Protection of Corruption Suspect Tom Ojienda.

- Petition 377: Judge Chacha Mwita, prohibited the attorney-general, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) from pursuing criminal charges for 2009-2016 against Tom Ojienda.

- Petition 418: Justice Wilfrida Okwany compelled the KRA to issue Tom Ojienda with a compliance certificate for 2018/19 despite investigations on tax compliance. This order was issued on December 4.

- Petition 464: Justice Chacha Mwita issued an order that prevented the commission from summoning, arresting and charging Prof Ojienda over the use of the government vehicle he was assigned.

- Petition 471: Justice George Odunga blocked KRA from demanding a payment of Sh443,631,000 for 2009-2016 and Sh378,682,140 as taxes for the period 2011-2016. ... index.html

Appeal Court judges Roselyn Nambuye and Sankale ole Kantai, in a case pitting senior lawyer Tom Ojienda against the EACC, decreed that in the event an investigative body wanted to probe a person, it must first issue summons and give the suspect a chance to furnish them with the required information before deciding whether to press charges or not. ... n-searches
In simple language, these Appeal Court judges ruled that, if the police are investigating an armed robber, they must first inform him that they will go to conduct a search in his house at a certain date in the future.

Tom Ojienda is facing very serious corruption charges. Judges that have issued orders protecting Prof Ojienda from facing justice include Chacha Mwita, George Odunga, Wilfrida Okwany, Roselyn Nambuye and Sankale ole Kantai.

Seniors lawyers supporting Ojienda include Nelson Havi and Ahmednasir Abdullahi.
One of Mr Ojienda’s lawyers Mr Nelson Havi, told the Nation that there is a scheme taking shape to lock out people perceived to be hostile to the government from taking up seats at the JSC, especially with several top judges set for retirement.” ... index.html

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