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SGR: Why Global Mafia Hates it So Much

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:15 am
by dovu
Question: Why does the Global Mafia hate Kenya’s SGR so much?

Answer: Democratic Republic of Congo.

SGR: Why Global Mafia Hates it So Much

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:29 am
by dovu
The reason that China did not provide SGR funding for the Naivasha - Kisumu section is most probably because of the sustained negative portrayal of the SGR in the press and social media.

The Global Mafia’s hate for the SGR has little to do with Kenya. They are terrified that if the SGR reaches the Great Lakes region, then their 100-year+ rape of the Congo will come to an end.

For a long time, the Global Mafia has been landing their planes in Eastern DRC, grabbing the minerals and flying away. Opening up that part of the Congo is something they will try to stop using all means possible.

Therefore, if you read about a Nobel winning economist stating that Kenya’s SGR is not viable, know that he is lying to please his masters.

Surprise: Without the Global Mafia stealing Congo’s wealth, there would probably have been no Google, no Facebook and many other top companies.

Why? Open your eyes.

Back to Kenya. It is good that the plans to link up the SGR with the old railway is planned to take months, not years. If Kenya and Uganda are in agreement, then there will soon be goods trains moving cargo between Uganda and Mombasa with an interchange at Naivasha.

Although the halting of SGR at Naivasha is only temporary, it is good to revive the old rail between Naivasha and Malaba and hopefully Uganda will take it up from there and rehabilitate their side up to their South-Western border with Rwanda/DRC.

This will prove to the naysayers that there are plenty of reasons to extend the SGR to Kisumu and onwards to Malaba.

NOTE: Some Kenyans ask, why Naivasha?

Answer: A Kenyan asking that question is the same Kenyan who will argue that all highways should pass through the centre of towns along the way, so that local businesses people can benefit by selling bananas, sweets and other goods to the travellers when their vehicles slow down due to traffic jams, pedestrians crossing, or road bumps in the town.

SGR: Why Powerful Foreign Forces Oppose It

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 4:20 am
by dovu
Power of Propaganda: Prominent online propagandists state that the Suswa SGR station is in the middle of nowhere.

FACT: As map below shows, it is actually only 45 KM from Nairobi outskirts, as the crow flies.