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Black Americans Tell Jews: Enough is Enough

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:48 am
by piotr
Seems there’s a problem between Blacks and Jews in Brooklyn, New York.
A Jewish man was attacked on Shabbos in Crown Heights [in Brooklyn, New York] in broad daylight by a black male who slapped him in the face and called him "a dirty Jew."

The incident occurred at 12:30 pm, when the Jewish man was crossing New York Avenue near Union Street in the heart of Crown Heights, when the black male crossed in front of him on a bicycle.

As the black male drove by, he slapped the Jewish man in the face and said, “you dirty Jew.”

The Jewish male immediately walked into the 71 Precinct in Crown Heights to report the incident.

The incident is being investigated as a hate crime and Hate Crimes task force has been notified, police said.” ... -the-face/
For the second time in two weeks, an Orthodox Jewish man was assaulted in Crown Heights [in Brooklyn, New York] on Shabbos.

The latest incident occurred on Shabbos afternoon at around 1:30PM, when a 50-year-old male was attacked on Rutland Road near Schenectady Avenue. The man was returning from Shul in the nearby Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital.

The victim described the harrowing attack in vivid detail; “As I was walking home I passed a man smoking a cigar on the corner of Rutland and Schenectady and I said ‘good afternoon’ to him,” he said, adding that it’s a nice neighborhood and everyone is close.

“As soon as I greeted him he began yelling at me ‘you fake Jews, who are you saying hello to? You are fake Jews and you stole all my money and robbed me, and stole my mortgage and my house. I want to kill you!’

“I thought the man was just crazy so I started walking away, and he shouted ‘you don’t walk away from me’ and started chasing after me.

He caught up to me at the corner of East 46th Street and Rutland and jumped me, he put me in a choke-hold and I started to feel dizzy, I felt my air going out, I started saying Shema, I thought I was going to die.

“Somehow I was able to move out of it thank G-d, and started screaming for help and he was saying ‘you don’t need help, I need to kill you’.” ... rnoon.html
Population of Brooklyn, New York is 34.3% Black. Over 600,000 Jews live in Brooklyn.

Black Americans Tell Jews: Enough is Enough

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:49 am
by piotr
Manhattan cosmetics billionaire Ronald Lauder blasted Mayor de Blasio for the surge in anti-Semitic crimes in the city.

“This is a crisis for all New Yorkers,” Lauder, who is also president of the World Jewish Congress, told The Post. “And Mayor de Blasio needs to understand press releases won’t fix the problem. We need actions, not words. Whatever is being done now clearly isn’t enough.”

“As the elected leader of the city with the largest Jewish population in the US, Mayor de Blasio has a special obligation to take the lead on combating anti-Semitic violence,” he said.

There are Holocaust survivors living here who are afraid to walk the streets for fear of being attacked just for being Jews. That is outrageous,” Lauder said. ... -a-crisis/
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Black Americans Tell Jews: Enough is Enough

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:04 am
by piotr
Several identifiably Jewish men and boys were attacked in a string of assaults in the Borough Park community of Brooklyn [New York] on the same night…The number of hate crimes against Jews in New York City rose significantly over the first nine months of this year…
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