Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:05 am

If the DCI & DPP maintain the current tempo, and are supported by law-abiding Kenyans, then in 2 years time, Kenya will be a totally different country.

Normally, a person starts from a Zeronaire, then Hundredonaire, then Thousandonaire, to Millionaire, and finally to Billionaire.

In Kenya, there are people who have jumped from Zeronaire to Billionaire in 10 years.

There are some Kenyans who move away from their village penniless, only to return a few years later driving top-of-the-range SUVs. Some are even more ostentatious and arrive in the village by helicopter.

Naturally, village folk treat these people as heroes. Kids view these Millionaires as role models, and would want to be like them.

However, these Millionaires have not become rich through the sweat of their brow. They have become rich through involvement in Kenya’s “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy.

These ostentatious villagers who “made it” are merely shadowy criminals.

Some cunning, paid wordsmiths are trying to mislead Kenyans by portraying these crooks as “Hustlers”, who are being hunted by the “Dynasties”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you do some research about behaviour of rich Kenyans, you will notice that, on average, Kenyans who have worked hard and legitimately for their wealth, rarely show off. It is the Kenyans whose wealth is sudden, and from suspicious sources that show off.

Generally, the normal route to riches for business-gifted individuals goes as follows: Zeronaire in their teens, Thousandonaire in their twenties, Millionaire in their thirties, to Billionaire in their 40s+.

The Kenyans who have moved directly from Zeronaire to Millionaire/Billionaire are involved in criminal activity, mostly tax evasion, fraud/wash-wash.

Kenya’s corrupt media & “Kenyan” websites/blogs have portrayed these criminals as heroes.

If the DPP/DCI continue the good work they are doing, then all these “heroes” will be going down. The parallel government in Kenya will be destroyed. Corruption in Kenya will become history.

A Kenyan will be attempting to bribe a government official, and he would report you and you will be charged in court with attempting to corrupt a public official.

CONCLUSION: The bloggers/KOT who are supporting the tycoons charged with tax evasion haven’t seen nothing yet. If the DCI & DPP are as determined to destroy Kenya’s underground MAFIA as they appear to be, then what we are seeing is the beginning of CLEANING UP KENYA.

If the DCI & DPP maintain the current tempo of neutralising previously untouchable criminal cartels, then Kenya will undergo a COMPLETE RESET, for the good of all law-abiding citizens.

ADVANTAGES TO MWANANCHI: There will be more money for education, health and social services. Kenya will become a more fair society. If you are hardworking, you will have a good chance of becoming succesful, without having to bribe anyone.

Most importantly, successful people will be Kenyan patriots. Since successful people have higher chance of being elected to parliament/senate, then it will mean that MPs, Senators etc. will be honest, patriotic Kenyans.

Political/tribal tensions will become history. Politics will no longer be a matter of life and death, since people will be joining politics to serve Kenyans, not to enrich themselves, or to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:19 am

There has been a sudden emergence of Kenya-oriented websites (and companies), that are pushed to the top of search results by prominent search engines.

If you thought it is their seo that made that possible, you are very wrong.

What many Kenyans do not know is that these companies and websites are actually owned by the Global Mafia. The Kenyans who appear to own these websites/companies are mere proxies for the Global Mafia.

The Global Mafia own/control the search engines. No wonder their “Kenyan” websites are also favoured by the search engines. This relationship is the seo. ... 38/#p9932/
If you study closely the behaviour of these top-ranked “Kenyan” websites/blogs, and most top-ranked Kenyans on social media, you will notice that most of them are sympathetic to the tycoons accused by KRA of massive tax evasion.

Since the Global Mafia controls these platforms (search engines/social media), then it is obvious what that means.

Moving on.

How will neutralisation of the “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy benefit the common mwananchi? The benefits to the common, law-abiding citizen are too many to cite here.

1. I watched several minutes of John Demathew’s funeral service. Fellow musicians who talked, all complained about how they don’t earn money from their music. A musician is famous, but he is suffering in poverty.

These musicians’ problems wouldn’t be there if there was no “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy in Kenya.

To put it in simple perspective: You cannot tell people that it is wrong to steal motorbikes, if they know successful Kenyans are car thieves, and nothing happens to them. Destroying the “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy will also destroy currently powerful networks behind the pirating of local artistes’ works.

Apart from ensuring justice for Kenyan artistes, this move will end up creating more employment because successful artistes will produce even more refined works that will require engaging a lot of professionals in various areas of art/video/web production.

2. The police and other officials in law enforcement will believe that no one is above the law. Therefore, if you report a tycoon for committing a crime against you e.g. conning you in a business transaction, or hurting your child, the police will not fear to take appropriate action against the tycoon.

3. Successful Kenyans will be people who owe their success to legitimate sources. Kenyan kids will once again start dreaming about becoming doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers etc.

Believe it or not, the “success” of the “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy has brought about serious social problems, and these social problems lead to increased crime/antisocial behaviour. No wonder the Global Mafia support it - since the Global Mafia thrives when societies break down.

If in doubt, just do some research about what the average current Kenyan KCSE candidate would want to become after school.

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:08 am

True story:

There is someone I know who was a real hustler in his youth. I will call him Phil (pseudonym). The only difference between Phil and Al Capone is that the Mafia boss used direct violence to get what he wanted, while Phil used cunning and unnoticeable sadistic strategies.

By unnoticeable sadistic strategies, I mean the equivalent of the following: You become aware that poisonous/expired sugar/maize meal etc. is set to be destroyed. You bribe the people given the job to destroy the goods, and sell the unfit-for-human-consumption sugar/maize meal etc. to unsuspecting members of the public, and make massive profit in the process.

Some of the people who buy the toxic product might die a few years later. But no one would realise that the cause of their deaths was homicide (committed by you).

Back to Phil. The last I heard about him, I read about his rags-to-riches story in a Kenyan newspaper. From the article, it was evident that Phil was now an extremely rich businessman. From what I gathered from that article, he must now be one of the 500 richest Kenyans.

Most people who know about him now, have no clue about where he started, since he has created a completely new (fake) life story.

Logically, do you think this guy pays his taxes as he should? Most likely, the reason why advanced law enforcement agencies go after major criminals via the tax evasion route, is because, if a person can kill another because of money, then, there is no way he can pay taxes without cutting corners.

All major criminals are tax cheats. NOTE: This is not the same as saying all tax cheats are major criminals (false).

If Phil were to be charged with tax fraud, there are Kenyans who would complain that the government wants to “finish indigenous Kenyan businesses”.

ABOUT PEOPLE LOSING JOBS IF KRA/DPP/DCI KEEP THE PRESSURE ON TAX CHEATS: If employment creation was to be used as a mitigating factor for people caught stiffing the taxman, then drug traffickers would never be prosecuted.

Big time drug traffickers employ more people than regular businesses - in security, lookouts etc. And don’t forget, these people employed by the drug traffickers also have families, kids etc…

CONCLUSION: Unless you are someone’s accountant, you cannot authoritatively say that the person has paid his taxes as he should.

About someone having a good reputation, and therefore probably innocent (and being persecuted by KRA/DPP/DCI): The GLOBAL MAFIA controls the internet, and have massive influence on the media.
For the GLOBAL MAFIA to manipulate the media/social media/search engines so that you appear to be a very good Kenyan, you must be, at the very least, a sadist.

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:11 am

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner General James Githii Mburu has maintained the State body’s tough stance on the publicly perceived dramatic arrests of alleged tax evaders.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Newsnight, the KRA boss stated that anybody who willingly and intentionally fails to comply with the law as far as tax collection is concerned will be treated as a criminal.” ... rs-271231/

Good. If anyone thinks that KRA is being too hard on tax cheats, consider the following:

Ask any government driver, secretary, clerk, teacher, social worker…what happens when they are late in paying their taxes. They will all tell you they are never late because their taxes are deducted before they are paid their salaries.

Time to even the playing field.

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:46 am

There is a myth that the people accused of being tax cheats have created a lot of employment, and therefore, if they are pursued by DCI, KRA and DPP vigorously, then jobs will be lost.

That is not only false, it is looking at the matter in a one-dimensional manner.

Vigorous prosecution of tax cheats will create MORE employment.

Consider this scenario: A matatu owner pays plenty of taxes, insurance etc. A sly, greedy and unpatriotic person invests in the matatu industry, and doesn’t pay any tax or the costly comprehensive matatu insurance, and instead bribes the inspectors, by say 10% of what he would otherwise have spent.

This businessman will be having a massive financial advantage over other matatu owners. Since his matatu running costs are much less than other investors in the industry, his matatu would be more popular because he would be able to charge less fare (and still make plenty of profit). Therefore, his transport business will grow by leaps and bounds.

After a few years, this crooked businessman will have many matatus and buses running on various routes. He will have become a major investor in the passenger transport industry.

If the KRA, DCI and DPP come for him, his supporters/sympathisers will be arguing that the authorities should be lenient with him since he is a major employer, and his employees will lose jobs.

However, if the crook was not in business, and an honest businessman had invested in the same way, the honest businessman would have created MORE jobs than the crook, because:

1. KRA would collect more taxes. More taxes means more investment in infrastructure & social services = more jobs
2. He would have been paying the right amount of money to insurance companies. The insurance companies having more resources means they need more employees = more jobs.

1. It is almost certain that these rich tax cheats do not send their employees’ PAYE to KRA - They deduct the tax from each employee, and pocket it. It is also very likely that the crooked tycoons have been deducting NHIF & NSSF from their employees and pocketing it, too.

This is probably the main reason some tycoons are terrified of the upcoming court trials, and have resorted to going to the press, hiring bloggers & KOT to claim “Indigenous investors are being targeted by the dynasties”. They are worried about Kenyans’ reaction when they learn that the tycoons have been stiffing their lowly-paid employees too.

Imagine someone retires, goes to check his pension, only to realize that his boss never remitted even a cent to his pension fund. That is why the underground, bandit economy must be destroyed for Kenya to become a more fair society.

2. If a bus company goes down because of tax fraud issues, people will still be travelling as usual. Therefore, although jobs will be lost in that company, a similar number will automatically be created in other similar companies. Same case applies to breweries and other industries.

Therefore, there will be ZERO net loss of jobs if a company goes down because of legal issues. Unless it is a company that makes unique product - and none of the tax cheats/economic saboteurs in Kenya have the brains to create a unique product.

3. There are many people who know that certain “well respected” tycoons are crooks and tax cheats. These previously honest people (mainly employees of the crooked tycoons) learn that being a crook makes you successful, and you will be respected by the society.

Therefore, as long as these crooks are not made to pay for their crimes, they make more Kenyans become crooks. That is why there is the term: “Serve as an example”. And, as the KRA chief has said, they will not (and should not) be courteous when arresting these crooks.

There are some Kenyans who cry about “innocent until proven guilty…”

We are talking about a NATIONAL CRISIS here - the Tax evasion/corruption crisis. When a nation is in crisis, things are done differently.

Who ever thought the USA could have Guantanamo prison, where human rights are measured in a gorogoro?

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Sun Sep 01, 2019 8:41 am

Former Subukia MP, Koigi Wamwere: “Without distinguishing between local and foreign investors, if the poorest of the poor pay taxes, the rich must also pay taxes…In Kenya, the poor are hardly allowed to evade or avoid taxes. Why should the rich be allowed not to pay?

“By not paying taxes, the rich are not making the country wealthier. To the contrary, they are making it poorer.” ... ing-taxes/

Well said, Koigi. Every Kenyan who is not involved in tax evasion/corruption, should unequivocally support the fight against the vice. If an accused person believes he/she is innocent, let them present their evidence in court to counter the prosecution evidence.

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Sun Oct 13, 2019 7:52 am

The ongoing war against corruption in Kenya has been made possible by the following major political players in the country cooling down political temperatures.

1. President Uhuru Kenyatta (Jubilee)
2. Former PM Raila Odinga (ODM)
3. Former VP Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper)
4. Former VP Musalia Mudavadi (ANC).

One may not like some or all of the politicians above, but the fact is that, none has taken advantage of the situation (anti-corruption war) to divide the country. They must be congratulated for that.

NB: Kenyan democracy is very young, and it is very easy to incite the people by claiming that the anti-corruption fight is being used to settle political scores, or to marginalise certain sections of the population.

Anyone who thinks that it is not possible to incite the people to oppose government’s anticorruption efforts cannot be a true Kenyan. There was a time a whole cabinet minister incited illegal settlers not to vacate grabbed forest land, by stating that “rain comes from the sky, not from trees”. His point being that the illegal settlers shouldn’t be told to leave the forest/stop deforestation, because deforestation had nothing to do with rain/climate.

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Sun Feb 02, 2020 7:00 am

Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) has revealed an intricate web of how a head of department at the National Youth Service used suppliers to the agency to acquire properties worth millions…

In the petition, investigators said Mr Evans Wafula Kundu, who was an official at NYS, used main suppliers to the agency to pay for the assets he was acquiring…

He is alleged to have received Sh197 million between 2013 and 2017 through his two bank accounts, at Barclays Bank, Nakuru and Ruaraka branches.

The properties were purchased through companies linked to two suspects facing trial over the loss of Sh469 million at NYS- Lucy Wambui Ngirita and James Thuita

Among the assets targeted by ARA is a house in Runda, which Mr Kundu’s daughter- Millicent Matingi allegedly purchased for Sh73 million in 2016.

She allegedly purchased the property from Sidney James Nesbitt and Asifa Lalji Nurani…

Mr Kundu’s net income, according to documents filed in court, during the period of the NYS fraud was between Sh9,564 in January 2016 and Sh26,300 in December, 2017. Court documents showed that some of the deposits were made to his accounts were in batches of Sh999,000, to beat the Central Bank of Kenya prudential guidelines…

ARA obtained orders stopping Kundu, his wife Sylvia Ajiambo Onguru, daughter Ms Matingi Kundu and Mojisola Limited from selling, interfering or transferring any of the properties strewn across the country and a lorry.” ... index.html

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Tax Evasion, Fraud & Law Enforcement

Post by tana » Thu May 21, 2020 7:37 am


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