Why Al-Shabaab Terror Attacks in N.E. Kenya Have Increased in Recent Months

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Why Al-Shabaab Terror Attacks in N.E. Kenya Have Increased in Recent Months

Post by xtyrt5 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:23 am

A recent opinion article in Kenya’s The Standard stated that “[Al-Shabaab terrorists come] in large numbers, most often, Kenyan officers guarding our borders [with Somalia] give way to avoid confrontation. “They come in contingents of 40 or 50 groups…””

The author of that article - one Mohamed Guleid - stated that he was writing in support of a previous article in the same newspaper by Mandera Governor, Ali Roba, who claimed that Al-Shabaab controlled up to 50% of his county.

Let us now analyse the claim by Guleid that Kenya security officers are “intimidated” by Al-Shabaab, allegedly because the latter come in large groups. There are only 2 possibilities here:

1. Al-Shabaab is so powerful that Kenya Defence Forces, KDF, fear them.

KDF has airforce with jets that can obliterate even a group of 10,000 Al-Shabaab demanding to enter Kenya openly.

Therefore, this option is IMPOSSIBLE.

2. Kenya security agents at the border are sympathetic to Al-Shabaab.

No reasonable person who understands Kenya security protocols can even entertain this idea.


Therefore, that claim by Guleid is a MASSIVE LIE.

Why would he lie about such a serious matter?

What surprised me is that, I later saw on Twitter, a journalist working for Somali-language Iftiin FM, owned by the Government Broadcaster, KBC, appearing to agree with Guleid.

Therefore, a journalist employed by the government, and who obviously knew Guleid was lying, agreed with Guleid, nevertheless.

I immediately started looking at this Mandera-AlShabaab issue with a lot more seriousness.

I recalled a Tweet by Herman Cohen - United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs 1989 to 1993 - in September last year, where he stated, inter alia: “…Al-Shabaab terrorists tend to use Kenyan territory as a safe haven after attacks in Somalia.”

This is not an error. I even took the screenshot (see attached image)

Just think about that: “…Al-Shabaab terrorists tend to use Kenyan territory as a safe haven after attacks in Somalia.”

We all know that is the OPPOSITE of what actually happens. Al-Shabaab terrorists have a safe haven in Somalia, where they have training camps and even operate radio stations.

Al-Shabaab terrorists attack Kenya, then go back to their safe haven in Somalia, where some even have wives and children, who live normal lives in the open.

Why then did Mr Cohen make that statement?

NOTE: It is not possible that he didn’t know that he was lying.

It is called dog whistling.

Ethiopia and Al-Shabaab

People like Roba, Guleid and a few others have suggested that Kenya “should copy Ethiopia, because Ethiopia is relatively free of Al-Shabaab terror…”

Anyone saying that is either extremely naive, hopelessly brainwashed, or a 5th Columnist.

Thomas Evans, Samantha Lewthwaite, Jermaine Grant and many others were/are non-Somali Al-Shabaab recruits from the UK. Are Ethiopia security forces better armed than those of the UK?

Andreas Martin Muller was a non-Somali Al-Shabaab recruit from Germany. Are Ethiopia security forces better trained than those of Germany?

Al-Shabaab & allied terror groups have killed people in the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia…Do all these countries have poorer policing than Ethiopia?

The reason Al-Shabaab is not interested in Ethiopia is because its non-African SPONSORS don’t want them to focus on Ethiopia (already conquered?). They want them to focus on Kenya.

Destabilisation of North-Eastern Kenya

Taking all the above into consideration, it is clear that there is a major plot to destabilise the North-Eastern part of Kenya. Why? Who is responsible?

Arguably, the most prominent person from Mandera county is the former Chairman/President of The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Mr Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

Mr Abdullahi is an IMPOSTOR - He is neither Kenyan, nor Somali.

Ahmednasir states openly, and proudly, that the African leaders he admires the most are Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

Like Ahmednasir, Somalia President Farmaajo is also an IMPOSTOR i.e. He was not born in Somalia, and none of his parents was Somali.

It is even possible that Mr Ahmednasir Abdullahi and President Farmaajo are close blood relatives.

Regarding Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, this is how one journalist has described him: “I lived in Ethiopia’s Tigray region for eight years including during two years of Abiy’s premiership. I have witnessed the entire country slide into bloody internecine wars between the many nations that comprise Ethiopia’s 110 million population. All this carnage involving thousands of casualties – rarely reported in the media – occurred precipitously after Abiy became leader.

The way Tigray people see it, Abiy, who is alleged to have spent periods of time as an intelligence officer seconded in the US while a member of the TPLF-led former government, is working for a foreign agenda to undermine Ethiopia’s independent politics and economic development…

Under Abiy’s rule, political violence and assassinations have turned Ethiopia from a once stable, peaceful giant of African development into a basket-case of failure and insecurity…

For many Ethiopians, Abiy Ahmed is seen as an imposter figure who has overseen the weakening of a proud independent nation, the only African nation that was never fully colonized by Europeans. His Nobel gong and Western media indulgence is part of the cover for what is otherwise a sabotage operation to turn the country into a failed state henceforth to be dependent on Western capital and geopolitics.”

Enough said.

Back to lawyer Ahmednasir - the IMPOSTOR.

The fact that he appears to be cosy with Mandera Governor Roba can only mean one thing: The objectives of Ahmednasir and Roba coincide, regarding the matter of future of Mandera county.

The Cushitic Shangri-La

IMPOSTOR Ahmednasir is an extremely sly character. In social media, he likes using subterfuge and psyops to hide his real intentions. However, if you “cancel the noise”, you will discover that he is an advocate of a super-state in the horn of Africa, comprising Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and eastern Kenya - the Cushitic Shangri-La (CSL).

The CSL will be a model state - a paradise on earth.

IMPOSTOR Ahmednasir was sent to Kenya by very powerful non-African entities.

Using their IMPOSTORS in Kenya and Somalia (like IMPOSTOR President Farmajo), and also using their media and social media, these entities have managed to convince a small but significant section of Kenyan Somalis, that their future is not in Kenya, it is in the CSL.

One of the most vocal proponents of CSL is Farah Maalim - former Deputy Speaker, Kenya National Assembly. Unlike Ahmednasir, Maalim is a Kenyan-Somali.

Apparently, Maalim also moonlights as a sort of “advisor” to Farmaajo. It is also said that Maalim’s daughter actually works for Farmaajo.

Why would Somalia president employ a Kenyan, yet there are hundreds of thousands of educated Somalis resident in Somalia, and also in the diaspora who are equally qualified, or even more qualified, to do the same job?

Maalim completely believes in the Cushitic Shangri-La. According to him, CSL will have massive ports, some larger than Dubai port, in places like Kismayu, Mogadishu, Bosaso…all the way to Asmara.

When Maalim talks about Eritrea, one would think he is talking about UAE or Singapore. He does not talk about the country as it is now, but as it would look when it will be part of CSL.

Apparently, Mandera Governor Roba and some other prominent people in that county, have also believed this CSL PsyOps.

They see presence of Al-Shabaab in that county as a necessary “discomfort” that will eventually lead them to the CSL.

Consequently, there are some leaders in Mandera who are cooperating with Al-Shabaab terrorists. They have therefore brainwashed many villagers that it is in their interest not to share any ACTIONABLE information regarding Al-Shabaab with Kenya security forces.

The plan is to have Al-Shabaab becoming too inter-mixed with the local population, such that any effort to eliminate them will lead to significant civilian casualties.

Then, the local leaders, plus the IMPOSTORS embedded into the local population, will demand international peace keepers…

This is supposed to eventually lead to them joining the Cushitic Shangri-La.

The problem in N.E. Kenya is also complicated by the fact that some IMPOSTORS - like Ahmednasir - have Somali-language TV/Radio stations that broadcast in the region, subtly spreading the CSL fallacy.

CSL - The Reality

1. There will never be a Cushitic Shangri-La (CSL), because the people who started that PsyOps never intended for there to be one.

Their main motive of starting the CSL fallacy was to use it to weaken Kenya, and when Kenya is sufficiently weakened, to conquer it, and continue expanding westwards. End goal? To conquer all of Africa.

2. Ethiopia: It is currently in a civil war.

If what is happening in Ethiopia occurred in Kenya, there would be AU/UN troops patrolling the country at this very moment.

For the very first time ever, Ethiopia will never be stable until AU/UN forces take control of security there, stabilise the country, and then supervise elections.

3. Somalia: The current president is an IMPOSTOR. That really says all that needs to be said.

It is easier for a sorcerer to solve your problems, than for Farmaajo to help create a “Cushitic Utopia”.


1. GoK shouldn’t allow anti-Kenya media to operate, not only in N.E. Kenya, but anywhere in the country.

2. GoK shouldn’t have people working for government media, who believe in the CSL PsyOps.

3. Civic education in N.E. Kenya.

4. Sanctions (e.g. if someone is sympathetic to Al-Shabaab, they cannot have police bodyguards, because the police would be in danger/cannot be allowed to have broadcast licenses etc.).

NOTE: Get PDF version of these articles here: https://kenyaiforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1/ && viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1/


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Why Al-Shabaab Terror Attacks in N.E. Kenya Have Increased in Recent Months

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More dog whistling
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